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DollhouseIronically, on my quest to write this post, my wireless stopped working, probably due to the storm going on outside. I was irritated, so I will have to read this entry when I finish it to re-learn its lesson.

When I was growing up in the Asian country of Indonesia, I didn’t have a lot in terms of material wealth. Compared to some of my neighborhood friends, however, I was very wealthy.

My sister and I had two very close friends in the village nearby, and one childhood memory that stands out for both of us is how our friends would make these really cool dollhouses out of what amounted to garbage.

To this day, whenever I see an empty matchbox, I remember how they would use those scraps to make beds and tables for their match dolls.  It’s one of those distinct and fascinating childhood memories that makes me happy to think about.

As an English teacher, one of my favorite writing activities was inspired by The Sound of Music song, My Favorite Things. The point of the activity was to compile a very descriptive list of favorite things (objective…to create better descriptive writers).  My students and I would always discover that many of our favorite things were ordinary and often free or cheap (think a favorite pen that doesn’t glop when you write with it).

So let me close by asking you a question. What are those very specific things (which don’t really have to be things) that bring you simple joy and peace? Don’t let them get lost in wireless routers and busyness.

Would anyone like to create a dollhouse with me?

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LavenderThe five senses are all amazing, each in its own way, but let’s talk about our sense of smell because it’s more important than we realize.

One of the aspects of fall that I love are the smells of evergreens, smoky fires, and leaves that linger in the air.  I have heard it said that smell is one of our biggest memory triggers, and a certain smell can definitely hurtle you back in time to a certain memory.

Aromatherapy takes our sense of smell a step further. Certain scents and essential oils can not only affect our moods and our memories, but they can improve our physical well-being.  One of my favorite essential oils is lavender.  I used to dislike the smell, as some of my clients do, but it’s really grown on me over the years.

The benefits of lavender are many, which is part of what changed my mind about it:

  • overall first aid oil
  • immune booster
  • antidepressant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiviral
  • antibacterial

Wow, all this from that little purple flower; it’s nice to know that certain lovely scents can also literally improve our health.

In future posts, I’ll talk about some of my other favorites: peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and bergamot.  For now though, here’s to that little purple flower that packs quite a punch!

For more: UMMC on lavender

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Water vs. WineIf you’ve ever gotten a massage, you’ve probably been told to drink a lot of water afterward and to avoid alcohol, but why is that?

The simple answer is that drinking wine (or any other type of alcohol) after a massage is not going to have the effect you would desire it to.  Instead of making you feel more relaxed, it’s probably going to have one of three negative effects: make you uncomfortably intoxicated (think hangover), make you sore the next day, or make you feel dehydrated and ill.  Dr. Steve Jones provides some science behind these effects on Quora.

When you’re getting a massage, you are relaxing, but your body (and your massage therapist) is getting a work-out.  After a trip to the gym or a rigorous run, you obviously don’t reach for the wine; until you’ve re-hydrated with either water or a sports drink, alcohol isn’t even something you desire.

So just think of a massage as a very relaxing work-out.  In fact, you’ll feel so relaxed that you’ll want to save that bottle of Chardonnay for another day.

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Water Essence

August 20, 2012 — 2 Comments

Water Sunset from scenicreflections.comWater is such an interesting and essential component of our lives. Obviously we need it to survive; I know I don’t always drink enough water, and my body is definitely not happy with me.

Just the sound or sight of water can be very nourishing and calming too…think the sound of rain, a river, waves…or the beauty of a sunset/sunrise over a body of water.

You just can’t beat those sensory experiences of peacefulness & nourishment, so here’s to water! I’m off to drink some.

Open Doors

August 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

I recently opened the doors to my office for ‘a moment to breathe’. I’m easy to find in the office suite of Aksarben Massage Associates (7400 Building on Pacific). If you’ve been looking for a massage therapist or just need a good therapeutic massage, give me a call at 402-316-2014.