It’s the Simple Things…

August 26, 2012 — 2 Comments

DollhouseIronically, on my quest to write this post, my wireless stopped working, probably due to the storm going on outside. I was irritated, so I will have to read this entry when I finish it to re-learn its lesson.

When I was growing up in the Asian country of Indonesia, I didn’t have a lot in terms of material wealth. Compared to some of my neighborhood friends, however, I was very wealthy.

My sister and I had two very close friends in the village nearby, and one childhood memory that stands out for both of us is how our friends would make these really cool dollhouses out of what amounted to garbage.

To this day, whenever I see an empty matchbox, I remember how they would use those scraps to make beds and tables for their match dolls.  It’s one of those distinct and fascinating childhood memories that makes me happy to think about.

As an English teacher, one of my favorite writing activities was inspired by The Sound of Music song, My Favorite Things. The point of the activity was to compile a very descriptive list of favorite things (objective…to create better descriptive writers).  My students and I would always discover that many of our favorite things were ordinary and often free or cheap (think a favorite pen that doesn’t glop when you write with it).

So let me close by asking you a question. What are those very specific things (which don’t really have to be things) that bring you simple joy and peace? Don’t let them get lost in wireless routers and busyness.

Would anyone like to create a dollhouse with me?

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Christine Thye


2 responses to It’s the Simple Things…

  1. Love your blog! I’ve enjoyed pausing to blog as well..cathartic, creative, inspiring..thanks for sharing yours. The little things..the smell of bonfires, doing object writing while sitting outside listening to the birds and coming up with a new song idea, the sound and feel of ocean mist, a baby’s coo and smile, fresh baked banana bread mmm…

    • Thank you Beth! I love your list of little things; it’s fun to share lists…the smell of clean sheets, the smell of coffee brewing, the relaxation of reading in bed, and the fun of a good song coming on the radio… I could go on and on :) Next!?

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