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a different valentine's dayAnne Lamott, one of my favorite memoir/non-fiction writers, recently composed a great post about Valentine’s Day. She wrote that rather than hating it as many do, that we should think of today as a day to take care of ourselves and others in simple, loving ways.

In other words, she advocates moving it out of the chocolates and sweethearts constraint and letting it serve a wider purpose and audience.

So let me ask you this; who is one person in your life who really needs to be shown some extra kindness and care this Valentine’s Day? What is one kind thing you could do for yourself today? 

Since I am a fan of lists, here’s a simple list of 20 things you can do for yourself or someone else today (or this weekend). The first ten might cost you some money. The last ten are absolutely free!

  1. Buy a really nice card.
  2. Make a care package.
  3. Buy some fair-trade chocolate.
  4. Go out for some coffee or tea.
  5. Get a massage.
  6. Get a pedicure.
  7. Drink a new kind of wine.
  8. See a happy, fun movie.
  9. Bake something fun.
  10. Send a singing telegram.
  11. Send some happy texts.
  12. Dance and play some air guitar.
  13. Listen to or share some music.
  14. Use your Just Wink app.
  15. Write an encouraging note.
  16. Make a card for someone.
  17. Give someone a compliment and a hug.
  18. Watch a Charlie Brown Valentine’s special.
  19. Give someone something that you’ve been holding onto for a special occasion (or just something you don’t need anymore that you know they would love).
  20. Take some time to listen, to walk, to eat, to watch something that makes you happy in nature (or on tv), to read, to journal, to create, and, you guessed it…to breathe.

Perhaps this year we can transform our experience of this day of love we love to hate. So here’s to another February 14th that can spill into spring, summer, fall, and even next winter!

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc